We bring Game-Based Learning to your institution

Games are the most successful medium of our times. They constitute not only an interesting medium for discussion and reflection, but they also offer opportunities for learning, developing digital skills and being creative. People of all ages are fascinated with games and they are played by almost half of the population on a regular basis. Games are sports, they offer identification, they are one of the most relevant narrative media of our times.

Games enter museums, libraries, and schools. They are used in youth clubs, in political education, and for training purposes. Games can be used for communication as well as critical thinking. That is why institutions all over the world open up to the possibilities that games can offer, be they digital or analog, in Augmented or Virtual Reality.

Games can be applied in schools in all subjects and with all age groups, no matter how good the digital infrastructure of your school is. Every game makes you learn and there are games about almost every relevant topic for schools.

We are the experts to find the material and game for you to enhance your student’s learning and make it more motivating and game based. If you are interested in bringing games, playful approaches and game based learning to your school, book one of our seminars or webinars or invite one of our speakers to come and speak at your school.

Universities become more and more interested in games as a medium in general, for teaching purposes as well as a way to bring new sports and events to their faculty. You can teach languages with games or found an esports club, you can simulate large and complex systems or you can facilitate communication and digital skills in your students.

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to integrating digital games into university education. If you want to find out more, contact us to book one of our speakers or let us help change your seminars and lectures into something more playful and game-related.

Non-formal education
Institutions for non-formal education cover a wide range of topics and target groups. You can learn coding or making, you can do workshops in political or social topics or learn more about job qualifications and digital media literacy. Games are a perfect fit for all of these purposes.

Games are engaging, they cover complex topics and they are the most popular medium of our times. You can teach and communicate almost everything with and through games. We can turn your educational programs into games or find the right games to go deeper into the topic you want to work on. For more information about your specific field of non-formal education, get in touch with us and we can develop a tailor-made solution for your institution.